Thursday, June 16, 2011

What kind of wire is this? Knob & Tube / BX


[on the right] BX(armored cable)is an older type of metal covered wiring that was use from the 1909 up to the 1980's.  The BX is short for Bronx Wire. It started out being user in New York to prevent rat from eating the wire. Rodents eating the knob and tube wiring can be a problem. BX wiring is typically made with a steal jacket. It has two cloth or plastic covered conductors inside and a hair thin wire. You can see this hair thin wire wrapped around the connectors by the junction box. The metal jack of the BX is suppose to work are the ground. In this video you can see that part of the BX has rusted. Rusted metal no longer can work as a ground. That is the main reason what BX can become dangerous and should be replaced.

Knob & Tube:

[on the left] Knob & Tube wiring started in the 1880 and was used up to the  1940's. That means that many home that have knob and tube wiring are relying on connection that close to a 100 years in age to keep them safe. K&T wiring is ran as individual conductors wrapped in a cloth jacket. The Knobs & Tubes are the pieces of white ceramics that are used to run the wires while keeping air space between the wire and the houses's wood structure. 
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