Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Recessed lights- 4inch GU10

The standard 4 inch trim has an adjustable baffle. This is good for making small adjustments to where the light is aimed. This baffle can be adjusted to highlight points on the wall or directed to where more light is needed. When the baffles are aimed at a wall they do a good job at washing the walls in light. Wall that are washed in light make a room feel more open or larger.

The baffles also have a very clean look when directed straight down. The 4 inch size is the more modern style of recessed light. The spacing of these lights can go from 2-4 feet depending on the effect that is trying to be obtained. The smaller size then a 6 inch recessed light means that you may need more fixtures for the same out put, but the fixture tend to be less noticeable.

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