Friday, June 10, 2011

Peco cut off my power!!

 Look closely at the photo and you will see the stranded aluminum cable that wrap around the two sold cables. The thin Aluminium cables that wrap the the two bigger cables are the return path for the house's electricity. They are commonly called the grounded conductor or the neutral conductor. They are spread around the two hots that are in the center to  shield electrical Noise. This shielding makes conductor size thin and susceptible to corrosion.
 When this cable can no longer conduct electricity it could heat up and explode. It could cause the electricity in the house to find a different path. Similar the the way water finds a different path when you have a clogged drain.  A bad neutral cable is often the reason that lights dime and brighten. A bad neutral will destroy any type of electronics that is attached to this service
 This is an aluminum meter socket. You can tell this type of meter because it is not painted. The new meters are steel and painted.  In the early part of the 80's the Aluminium meter socket stop being manufactured. Aluminium is a soft metal and can be mechanically damaged too easily. The newer steel meter socket are much stronger. This is a good way to tell how old your electrical services is. If you have an Aluminium meter socket you need to replace your service.
Occasionally PECO will cut the power off to home owners who do not maintain their homes electrical equipment.  This is not a pleasant situation for a home owner to find themselves in. PECO will require that the home owner have this work repaired and then make them wait until a third party inspector or Underwriter can verify that the house is safe for power to be restored.  They will want you to present them an underwriter certificate or an new electrical service cut in card.
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