Friday, June 17, 2011

How to install a crystal chandelier

Wiring a Crystal Chandelier

Supporting a Crystal Chandelier

This ceiling was framed with steal studs. The steal studs are great for most lights. The problem with hanging such a large fixture on them is they can twist and loss all their streamer. This is similar to a soda can. A soda can can support the weight of a man until it has a kink on it's side. A steal stud ceiling is strong enough to support this light until the fixture sways and the stud twist past it's breaking point.

Repairing the ceiling after installing the Crystal Chandelier

Crystal Chandelier detail

Each of the chandeliers crystals needed to be installed individually.  This is a labor intensive process. Special care needs to be take to do this correctly. Here you can see a detailed picture of how the crystals and light bulbs are structured.

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