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Hot Tub Wiring

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This is a 60 amp disconnect used to disconnect power to a hot tub. The main line is fed off of a GFCI breaker. Power goes from the GFCI breaker to the disconnect and then to the hot tube.

This is the terminal in the hot tub  that accepts the line voltage. The hot tub specifications require the feed to be in copper wire. The wire attach to the white terminal block with set screws.

Electrical Installation Requirements

Have your electrician read the following information before installation begins.

Electrical connections made improperly, or the use of wire gauge sizes for incurring power which are too small, may continually blow fuses in the electrical equipment box, may damage the internal electrical controls and components, may be unsafe and in any case will void your warranty.

It is the responsibility of the spa owner to ensure that electrical connections are made by a qualified electrician in accordance with the National Electrical Code and any local and state codes in forced at the time of installation.

These connections must be made in accordance with the wiring diagram found inside the control box. This equipment had been designed to operate on 60HZ. alternating current only, 240 volts are required. Make sure that power is not applied while preforming any electrical installation. A copper bonding Lug has been provided on the electrical equipment pack to allow connection to the ground point. The ground wire must be at least 6AWG copper wire and  must be connected securely to a grounded metal structure such as a cold water pipe. All Master Spa equipment packs are wired for 249 VAC only. The only electrical supply for your spa must include a 50amp switch or circuit breaker to open all non-grounded supply conductors to comply with section 422-20 of the National Electrical Code. The disconnect must be readily accessible  to the spa occupants, but installed at least five feet from the spa. A Ground-Fault Interrupter (GFCI) must be used to comply with section 680-42 of the National Electrical Code. A ground fault is a current leak from any one of the supply conductor to ground. A GFCI is designed to automatically shut off power to a piece  of equipment when a current fault is detected.

Power hook-up to spa must be 240 volt 3 wire plus ground (6AWG copper)

Route the cable into the equipment area for final hook-up to terminals inside the control panel. The spa must be hooked up to a "dedicated" 240 volt, 50amp breaker and GFCI. The term "Dedicated" mean the electrical circuit for the spa is not being used for any other electrical items (patio lights, appliances, garage circuits, ect). If the spa is connected to a non-dedicated circuit, overloading will result in "nuisance tripping" which requires resetting of the breaker switch at the house panel."
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