Monday, June 20, 2011

Frayed Electrical Cable

This is an electrical meter socket from the 1930-1950. This style box was used before being replaced by the Aluminum meter box in the 1970s and the steal boxes in the 1980s. This meter socket makes all the electrical connections in the small box below the meter clock. The current designs for meter socket is almost twice as large. This extra space is needed to provide extra safety for the electrical  connections. The average house hold uses over twice the amount of power now compared to when this electrical equipment was installed. With more electricity usage there is also extra heat that can build up in these sockets.

Service equipment should be replaced every 30 years

There are many extra steps built in to an electrical system to keep it safe on operation well.   This electrical service is still operating after over 60 years being exposed the the the weather. The sun, rain, ice and summer heat has destroyed the insulation protecting this equipment. You can see live conductors exposed to where they are accessible to human contact.  This electrical service will probably not harm anyone and may work for many more years because of the over engineering that goes into the electrical  system.

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