Friday, June 17, 2011

fashioned knob light switches

Old fashioned knob light switches

 This is a light switch that is installed in a basement mud room of an old West Philadelphia home. It is mounted on a round box and was used as a utility switch for non-living spaces.

Here is an old ceramic switched outlet in the same mudroom. I believe it was to turn the power off for an iron that would have been plugged in and left by the ironing station.  I will have to get a better look at it next time I'm there.

Unknown Style of outlet

Here an outlet I do not know so well. I have not put a tester to it but I do believe it is for some sort of phone. There are two jack looking things on the sides of it. The center looks to be a 110v outlet. I have seen them before but have never come across a plug that will fit into them. It is my guess that this is the betamax of electrical standards. It has to be from the early 1900's
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