Thursday, June 2, 2011

Electrical Wiring inspection

Pushmatic Electrical Panel

This type of electrical panel needs to be replaced because they can fail to trip.

There was a sub-panel located on an upper floor. It is installed in a sub-standard way. Panel boxed need to be easily accessed. This one is mounted above the baseboard. Sub-panel are a good option for distributing power around a large building. They could be a good option for a building like this as a way to update old or incorrect wiring. This one is just not done correctly.

Knob and Tube wiring from the 1930s

Much of this building still contains the original wiring. This wiring is called knob and tube. It is individual conductors covered in cloth jackets. This type of wiring does not have a ground wire. Many insurance companies are no longer covering building with this type wiring. We recommended that these wire have the power removed from them. We can be sure how much of this wiring exists without an involved inspection of the building. 

Old fashion wire mold.

This video is of a point of interest. It shows the original form of wire mold. Before there was conduit or  pre-made metal wire chase ways  carpenters made little molding  wood boxes to run wires through. At one time wiremold was just a for of carpenters molding. 

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