Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Do I need a new electrical Box?

This is an example of a 100 amp service with panel box designed for only 12 circuits. This was a common size panel installed in the 70/80's. It was the economical option for the time. Not unlike the 100amp 20 circuit panel is the current economical  option for smaller homes. It is no longer large enough for modern homes electrical needs.

This electrical service has some problems that should be addressed. The first thing that is a warning sign is the rust on the bottom of the box. The metal is starting to rust. When the metal on the box is rusting I have to assume that the buss bar that supplies power to the breaker is corroding too. There are also metal parts inside the circuit breakers that can oxidize.

There are also a bunch of twin breakers added to the panel. Twin breakers are the designed to fit two circuits in the place of one. This is not the best option for a service. Twins breaker do not function as well as normal size breakers.
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