Friday, June 17, 2011

Ceiling Fan Boxes- bottom beams style

Pancake ceiling fan electrical box

fan box
This is an ceiling fan box designed to hold a ceiling fan and its connections. It is commonly called a pancake box. It is designed to mount to the bottom of a joist. The box is the thickness of a piece of drywall. The can be installed new work or old work. The need to be located directly on a beam.

Ceiling fan round box


This box can handle more wires then a pancake box but it is larger then a piece of drywall. It can be used in a ceiling medallion rosette or a plaster coin. This box can also be use with custom carpentry where there is some build out of framing members  for the ceiling fan. Occasionally a piece of wood is mounted between in the general ares of the fan during rough in of a house. The a hole is cut for this box to be installed. 
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