Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Attic Fans cool your house

Attic Fan Diagram
attic fan


Installed a powered gable vent fan and ran 12/2 from thermostat to an installed switch box (fan instructions specify a switch if used in attic with a gas furnace). Ran 12/2 from switch box to junction box. Junction box has pull-chain light attached. Power source is from a 20A breaker (dedicated circuit) to junction box, from junction box a 12/2 line runs to a switch, and on into the gas heat/ electric cool combo unit. Can you help me complete the wiring by explaining how to complete the circuit and drawing in the connections on my attached diagram ?


Hi Ed.

Simple. Nice drawing.

1. In the junction box with the light. You need to match the colors. This will provide your fan the 120 volt feed.

2. In the single pole switch box. You need to wire nut the white 'neutral' wires together. The black 'hot' wires go on thew switch and act as an override.

3. I'm not certain what they specified an override switch for you if you had a HVAC unit. My guess is they were just putting common sense in witting. I would not read too much in to it. After all who would want to blow out their 'bought Air' out thew attic. Of course there are times where you want to override the fan


Great simple answer. Easy for layman to understand without a lot of trade jargon to confuse a layman and the answer addressed only the question asked and did not address all the 'if this - then that' scenarios not applicable to the question. Great job.
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