Monday, May 2, 2011

What are these wires?

Here is an example of what can happens when you have a moon lighting commercial electrician to install a residential electrical service. The old circuits were spliced in the commercial splice boxes above the panel. This is not a reall problem just odd.

The problem was the electrician did not have the covers for these junction boxes. Customer service is not big in the commercial field. Repeat business is not too important for someone who is just doing side work. So the home owner was asked to find them on her own. No Big deal all the "REAL WORK" was done.

For 15 years the owner walked by this open junction. They looked for the covers at the local home center. Only to find out these covers are not carried there. This bother this client for years. They never thought to ask to have up provide them covers but during a simple home inspection we were able to help.
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