Monday, May 16, 2011

Upgrade to a video intercom

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The JK-1HD is the sub monitor for the JK series
PanTilt & Zoom video entry security system.  This
system will support 1 video door station and 2 inside
color monitor stations.
The JK series offers a 170° camera view and gives the
user the ability PanTilt and Zoom the camera to a
desired area for a better view of the visitor.
The JK series offers a backlight/night sensitivity
adjustment.  In low light (night time) and heavy
background light (sunny day) situations, the user can
press the ADJUST button to improve the image quality
to aid them in identifying the visitor.

Hands free audio communication
Door release
Call between inside monitors
PanTilt & Zoom control for camera
Simple 2-conductor wiring
Surface mounts to wall on 1-gang box or ring
ABS plastic construction

A picture is worth a 1000 words. For a video intercom that picture could be worth a flight of stairs.
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