Friday, May 27, 2011

Track light stopped working.

Track light stopped working.This is a close up photo of a mono-rail track light that stopped working. The light fixture was originally installed be a handyman. The reason the light stopped working is the connections were never tight enough.

Mono-rail track lighting take a special set of skills to install correctly the first time. We have some recommendations for home owner who want to attempt a project like this.

First take you time. There lots of little pieces that are easily over looked. One missing set screw on a power feed can cause the whole light to malfunction.

Second plan on tightening and testing your work 2 or 3 months after you install the mono-rail. This type of lighting can produce heat along the rails when on. The heating an cooling will loosen over time. We have found that most first time installer need there connections re-tightened to prevent the track from getting damaged.

Third make sure you have more supports then minimal requires. The rail of mono-rail will deform over time. The fewer supports you have the more likely there will be too much stress on the power connections. Also place your supports close to any connections or junctions. The week spot in any mono-rail system is normally the connection of two rails.

Mono-rail lighting system are a great way to add interest and lighting to difficult spaces. They have a modern feel and can make dole spaces interesting. They do present a challenge for new installer.

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