Monday, May 2, 2011

Old Fuse Box

This is an old fuse box. It probably controlled all the original lighting in this home. Boxes like this would of had 2-4 screw in fuses that were fed off of a 30 amp main electrical service. The fuses would sit in porcelain fuse blocks.

This box looks to have been rewired in the 1980's and had the fuses remover. It still is feeding an old original knob and tube circuit.

The cloth wire looks to be in good shape at this location. The wire may not be in the same condition every where else. Different conditions can decompose cloth faster.

I like to compare the cloth covering these wire to vintage clothing. You can find some fabrics from the 1930's in good shape. I would not expect fabric of that age to last too long. I would also not want to subject vintage fabric to a modern washer machine. Nor would I want to have modern power loads on old wires.

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