Monday, May 2, 2011

Fishing a wire with a drill.

This is a cool pin hole drill bit. I saw Luke, one of my techs, using this bit. Thought it was a neat tool but had my doubts. I spent some time working with Luke to see how this bit was being used to fish wires.

The floor in this house was over a stone foundation. This adds difficulty when fishing wire up to new outlets. The Stone foundation extends past the floor and needs to be cut back to access the wall on the first floor. To find the correct joist space we used this pin hole drill bit.

To use it we found a joint in the floor boards and drilled the bit down to the basement. We then used the bit as a reference to measure off of. This particular foundation was 4 to 8 inches deep. It also had a irregular shape. Without this drill we normally needed to cut large holes in the foundation to locate a path in to the first floor wall.

I was skeptical about doing this to a nice floor. I would never want to damage the hardwood of a house. So, after we found the correct wall pocket to cut into from below. The pin hole drill bit was removed. I went back to find the drill hole and was not able to locate it. The gap between the floor boards hid the reference hole that the drill made.

With tools like this we are able to minimize damage and up date wiring. Work with a team for great electricians only make us better. I love to learn from my team.

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  1. I like the way you describe the post with us. When it comes to fitness technology, this device sounds like a real winner!