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Free lighting design in Philadelphia.

Where can you go for lighting design in Philadelphia?

Generation 3 Electric can work with you on for general lighting design. There are also options to work with lighting stores in the area for more detailed lighting design. One great resource in downtown Philadelphia is a store called Arch Street Lighting.

Harry Horn lighting

Need Lighting Design Help?

G3E can help a client set up general lighting situations. The basic layout of recessed light, locations of fixtures, how to set lighting moods or the appropriate position of task lighting. As a professional company, we also know that there is a limit to our expertise.

How to pick out the right light fixture.

A lighting fixture is more then just a light source. It can be an expression of your personality, it can be the center piece of a room. Lighting fixtures are a lot like jewelry for your home. For our clients in the Philadelphia area who are looking for help with the huge variety of lighting fixture options, we would like to recommend a trip to Arch Street Lighting's show room.

Lighting show room

Philadelphia lighting showroom.

This showroom is something special. Here you can find examples of many different styles of lighting. Their staff of experts can help you find the fixture that matches your personality. You can order a fixture that can not be found in the the big box home stores. This is a great resource for clients who want to want more than the builders grade lighting fixtures that come in most new homes.

A Historic Philadelphia neighborhood lighting store.

For long time residents of Philadelphia there is also a bit of history. Arch Street Lighting has its roots on South Street. Originally established in 1914 as an electrical equipment supplier, they have dabbled in manufacturing and have experience with the old gas lights that we still find in homes. In recent times, they have sharpened their focus on the retail market. This is where they excel.

At Arch Street Lighting, the staff can even help you with lighting design. All you need to do is present them with a drawing of your room, maybe some pictures. Give them your ideas and tell them you are looking for. The team down there can then help you put together a lighting plan and order your fixtures. They will be able to give your electrician (Hopefully G3E) all the specifications needed for installation.

For More info contact:

Arch Street Lighting
Michael Kurland
(215) 925-4660
120 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

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