Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What did you power in 1952

Cool a TV with 3 Channels plus UHF. No cable box, No VCR, No DVD, NO netflicks, NO play station.

We have added so many devices to our entertainment centers since the 1950. Do you think it is time to add some more electrical lines to power this stuff?

Look at what you needed to power in 1970

This is what a home in the 1970's was wired to power. Wow, we have come a long way. Do you think it is time to upgrade the wires in your walls?

Electrical circuit and wiring basics for homeowners.

Electrical circuit anSchematic of a simple electrical circuit (C) Carson Dunlopd wiring basics for homeowners.

Paper clip in an outlet!!!!

Do not try this!! It is dangerous. The point of the video is to show how much power is available at the wall outlet. Outlet are common every day objects. It is easy to take for granted the dangerous electricity they deliver.
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Monday, April 18, 2011

Outside Lighting and outlets added to patio

In the city it is sometimes hard to use the limited backyard space because of the lack of electricity and lighting. Adding electric in backyard can be difficult in finished home because of the masonry construction. Here we were able to add some weather proof outlet in metal conduit. Running the wires in discreet coroners helps hide the wires path. As the metal tarnishes it will become less noticeable. The metal can also be painted to match the wall.

GFCI Outlet need to be Tested.

Electrical safety equipment only protect you when they are working. This is a functioning outlet. The sound you is the GFCI protection malfunctioning. This homeowner would not know that the GFCI was no protecting their family from electrical shocks.

Your home's electrical should be inspected on a yearly basis
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Wall sconces

Wall sconces are a good option for hallway lighting. They give off an indirect light that is good for a space that is used for circulation.

Aluminum Wiring

I have a townhouse built in 1971 with aluminum wiring. No problems over the last 4 years except one outlet in my spare bedroom. Several years ago it caught on fire and the electrician replaced it with supposedly an outlet that was "rated" for aluminum wiring. It is sparking again and when I called them back they said they could send someone out for $100.
My thoughts are this.......I know I don't want to pay an electrician $100 to tell me I have aluminum wiring, I know the increased risk for this. I'm wondering if the last electrician should have done a better diagnostic first. Second, what good did it accomplish using this type of outlet, should it need to be piggybacked with copper if it is that weak?Can you give me some clarity on the steps to take to secure my safety, next to re-wiring the house.
Thank You in advance.

Hi Lisa,
I'm sorry to hear about you problem. Electrical fires are scary. I would hate to live in fear in my own home. It is hard to say if the electrician did anything wrong. Aluminum wiring is not used for lighting circuits today because it is not reliable. The problem is that Aluminum doesn't age well.

My advice would be to replace your wiring with copper . Anything short of that would not fix your problems. Yes, they do still make Aluminum rated devices but the wiring is 40 years old is at an ager where it will fail.

You may also want to call your insurance agency and see if they are still covering aluminum wiring. May insurance agencies do not cover this type of wire. It would be a huge loss if you were to have a fire and then find out you are not covered for that type of damage.

Bill Lutz