Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What is the voltage?


Kathy Asks

I need to replace a halogen light in my bathroom fixture. The bulb has no identification on it and the fixture only lists 100W - no voltage. By using the old bulb as a guide, I found an exact duplicate, 120V - 100W, but the package lists in bold "only for 120V fixture". I don't want to install the bulb for fear of fire, etc. I don't have a voltage meter and I live and purchased the fixture in the US. Can you help me figure out if the new bulb is safe to use?

Answer: Hi Kathy,

The voltage in the United Stated is a standard 120Volts for lighting. You can place any bulb that you purchase into your light without too much concern about the voltage. The wattage is the only number you need to check. Occasionally there are low voltage fixtures. 120 volt bulbs will not fit in the 12 volt base.

Bill Lutz

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