Thursday, March 3, 2011

We love Cats

Here is something that we train our techs. When working someone's home you need to pay attention to their pets. I saw this sign at in a client's home today and thought that is a great way to bring up that subject in one of our team meeting. This is a little detail but you don't know how often other contractor over look something so simple.

We respect a client's home and their pets. This is not by accident. We actually train our staff this type of stuff. The little thing are what matter when you when you are working in someone's home.

On a side note. This client need some special covers. She had a commercial contractor change her panel years ago. If we are picked to do the work in this house we will need to find the correct cover to finish off the two junction boxes over the panel or replace them with residential style boxes. Either way you junction boxes need to be covered.

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