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can you provide me with about some info on which compact florescent bulbs to use with existing dimmer switches? (you put them in about 3 or 4 yrs ago, they are the sliding type) and importantly, where to purchase these bulbs?

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Elizabeth Fiend
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How to Mix a Compact Fluorescent With a Traditional on a Dimmer |

HI Elizabeth,

Dimmer are a great way to low the amount of electricity you are using. Lowering the light level also lower the amount of electricity that light is using. CLF are also a great way to save electricity. CLF use a fraction of electricity incandescent use.

However dimmers and CFL don't work well together. Fluorescent light work by igniting a plasma inside a glass tube. There are dimmable CFLs but they are not able to be dimmed with the full range of incandescent light. They also tend to flicker with the lower levels of electricity coming out of a dimmer. We don't recommend using CLF if you are trying to use them in a location where dimming is desired.

This does make a conflict for homeowner who want to be "Green" without losing the lighting quality that they are accustom to. This problem is being answered with the new LED light bulbs that are currently coming to the marked. CREE has manufactured these new lighting Circuit chips that are showing up at your local home center. Here is a video of a LED Recessed light. With the new generation of LEDs can be use with dimmer and are more energy efficient.

All of these different type of light bulbs can be purchased at you local home depot or Lowes. When buying these bulbs it is important to save your receipts. There are compatibly and lighting qualities issues that might occur with different brands. In general the CFL lights will probably become obsolete in the next few years because of the dimming issue and will be replace with the newer LEDs.

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