Thursday, February 10, 2011

Service entrance in plastic or Metal?

What is the difference between a 200 amp service cables in metal conduit or PVC pipe. Here you can see the differences. PVC is a good option but it can become damaged and weathered over time. PVC when exposed to the elements become brittle and can crack. This service probably had ice buildup behind it during a winter snow storm. Over time the plastic straps broke off and allowed the main service mast to swing freely. This cracked the plastic conduit. This has exposed the electrical cables. Now the home owner need to replace the service entrance.

Here is another service cable ran in metal conduit. This conduit will never become brittle and will last much longer. Installation in a metal conduit does add to the upfront cost but it will last longer than a service made out of PVC conduit. It is a definite up to consider if your homes electrical service equipment if exposed to the elements.

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