Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kitchen facelift start with Lighting

New recessed lights can improve the look of your home

You homes lighting can get dated. The good thing is it is easy to replace old trims on recessed lighting fixtures. You will spend between $25-$70 per fixture. The difference is in price is for the model of trim you find needed fit in your housing. This is a project most homowners can do themselves. It is also a good thing to have done by an electrician when they are doing other work.

Recessed lighting Styles

Recessed lights come in many different styles. The lights picture here were in a kitchen that was made over in the 1980s. Here we replace the old black style trim with a new white trim. We try to picture all the different style trims on this blog. If you have any questions about different trim types please search the blog or shoot me a question.

The lights shown here are in the lower price range. The total cost to replace these light foe a home owner would be about $25 each. $35-$45each installed by an electrician who was out at your home doing a general safety check or doing a Panel tune-up. You should have an electrician doing regular maintenance so use that time to improve the look of your home.


LED (light emitting diode) bulbs are used in lamps, small lighting fixtures and for Christmas lights. They are also used in small electronics, such as DVD players, as well as in tiny flashlights. Nowadays, LED bulbs are being used for more residential lighting applications, such as under-cabinet lighting, in recessed lighting fixtures and for landscape lighting applications. LED bulbs have an extremely long lifespan. They can last between 50,000 to 60,000 hours. This is more than four times longer than CFL bulbs. LED bulbs use only 2-10 watts of electricity (1/3 to 1/30 of incandescent or CFL bulbs). As with CFL bulbs, LED’s don’t produce heat. According to Eartheasy.com, "LEDs produce 3.4 BTU's/hour, compared to 85 for incandescent bulbs." In 2009, the first LED-based replacements for a traditional light bulb were made available to the public. These bulbs give off an amount of light equivalent to a 40-watt incandescent bulb. Most homeowners use 65 watt bulbs and higher. However, the extremely long lifespan of LED bulbs has made them into a popular choice.

Ambient(General) lighting and Accent lighting

There are many different types of recessed lights. I will describe the most common two types. Down lights and directional lights. Down light are the most common recessed light. They are the familiar cone shaped light fixtures that shine light strait down.Down light are great for general lighting. Directional lights have many different names. The most common name is "eye ball trim" or a "wall wash". These types of lights are best use as accent lights.


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