Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hidden Dangers in old equipment

T100 amp meter sockethis looks like a normal electrical meter socket. As an electrician I can barley notice anything wrong. This brand of meter socket is about 40 years old. It was made of Aluminum. Aluminum Meter went out of production in the late 70's early 80's and was replace with steel meter boxed. Aluminum is a ductile metal that fatigues over time. A 40 year old meter socket is no longer structurally sound.

At closer look with the cover removed from the meter the danger becomes more obvious. At least to an electrician.
The steel pipe that is at the top of the meter is not suppose to be going through the box. The pipe ripped through the and crushed all the electrical connection. This pipe is only an inch away from electrify the entire meter.

That could seriously hurt someone if they grabbed it by accident. The meter would have exploded uncontrollably if the pipe hit the live conductor.

That is why we recommend that homeowner replace their electrical service equipment 30 to 40 years. I like to avoid this type of problem. and keep my clients safe.

Dangerous Electric


  1. Where did that steel pipe come from? What was it for? At first glance it looks like conduit, but apparently its not.

  2. It is conduit. It wan not secure to the wall. After time it punched through the Aluminum box. I don't know why there was SE cable and conduit in the same meter. My guess is that the home owner got a cheap fix. You do get what you pay for sometimes. I glad no one was hurt. That could of easily blown up. The meter socket has no fuse on it. That could have been fun to watch!!!

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