Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Broken intercom (or Doorbell) please knock

Doorbells and intercoms

Broken intercom


Have you ever seen this? It is all too common and problem that is easily fixed. Intercoms are simply electronic devices that transmit audio over low voltage lines. Intercoms go bad and need to be replace every 15-20 years.Similar to other piece of home electronics like VCRs of Phone. That is why most intercoms can just be reorder with a new model. Generation 3 electric can help you with this.

Repace intercom

A new intercom will look great. The intercom is the first impression your guests will receive when visiting your home. You don't want to miss that important package

Door Bells

Door bells also go bad and need replacing. They can be upgraded to intercom or video intercoms. There are three main parts of a door bell system.

  • The doorbell Button
  • The Door Bell Chime
  • The Door Bell 120volt to 12volt Transformer

    When your door bell goes bad it is a good idea to have all three parts replaced at the same time. Doorbells and intercoms are also much less expensive to replace if you do them along with other electrical work. I can seem expensive to call an electrician out to replace a broken doorbell or intercom. That is because there is so much overhead getting the electrician to your door. If you were doing a list of other such as a safety inspection or ceiling fans then their is less overhead for an electrician to cover.


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