Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A behind the scenes look at Social Media

I was asked to be on a panel for the Center City Proprietors Association covering Social Media for small business. Here is a Link to the event. It is open to the non-member so please join us.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011
8:00 AM to 10:00 AM

Radisson Plaza - Warwick Hotel
1701 Locust Street

I want to give a spacial thanks to Peter Mcllhenney for putting this panel together. This is a picture of us going over the topics for the discussion the other day at a coffee shop. I look forward to hearing your ideas and questions during this interactive event and share with you my experiences with Social Media in marketing my business. Please read below a sneak preview of my outline for the discussions:

Moderated by
Peter McEllhenney
Principal Partner
5G Health Marketing Group

Rebecca Brumberg
E-Commerce/Marketing Manager
Di Bruno Brothers, Inc.

Kevin Gatto
Celebrity Stylist / Salon Owner
Verde Salon

Matthew Izzo
Matthew Izzo Boutique

Audrey Julienne
Raison D'Etre

William Lutz
Generation 3 Electric, Inc.

My White Board

I'm going to be speaking about how I started using different types of social media in marketing my electrical service business, the goals that I have set and some tools I use to achieve them. The picture below is on a white board outside my office. It is called the "Idea Engine." On it are different types of content applicable to my company's service that I use to post to a variety of social media sites to position my company as knowledgable and, therefore, trusted to my target audience. I made a commitment to myself to be active on the internet so I use this tool to fight writer's block.

You Tube

I'm a big believer in sharing knowledge. Here are some different types of metrics you can get out of the back end of social media sites. It helps me understand what posts are doing well and what are not. The first two are from my company's YouTube Channel. Click here to check it out.
My reasoning to post videos when I started was to generate business. As you can see from the back end of these analytic reports, some of our videos have, in fact, generated interest, although I'm not sure about the ROI as we are still working out the tracking methods to directly relate the amount of time it takes to create them versus the increase in business. Still, it is a subject of interest for me, not to mention a fun thing to do. Plus I realize that every little bit helps by saturating the online market with the Generation 3 Electric brand.


Blogger was one of my first attempts at social media. It was difficult to find things for me to even blog about. Worst of all, I was working in the field as an electrician for years so I had awful writing skills. I still need work but if I go back over my posts I can find improvements that I have made over the last couple of years. I also figure that Social Media is less formal and I can make mistakes as long as I'm learning from them and growing. Also, I've been told by clients that the blogs and videos are "home-grown" yet less intimidating which helps customers feel comfortable inviting me and my technicians into their homes. Here is a link to my blog.

Below are some of the back end stats that I can get from my post. I find that this information can be surprising and useful. Some posts seem to hit a nerve with people. I then apply it to my website which increases our relevancy and quality scores with the search engines allowing us to pay less on bids for keywords.


We started a company Facebook Page a little over a year ago. I never really felt comfortable with facebook before I used it as a business tool. I did not like the idea of posting about what I was doing online, but I posted anyway. Now, we post fun coupons for G3E services, electrical knowledge and tips and event information on Philadelphia for our customers and colleagues. Our fans have increase from 250 in January 2010 to almost 500 a year later. We have also seen success from targeted facebook ads featuring specific target groups in our demographics, usually with a message applicable to a monthly holiday, ie. Cancer Awareness, Military Recognition, even specific industries and local businesses like Teachers and Pharmaceutical Companies. Integration of social media with traditional marketing keeps Generation 3 Electric in the forefront of our customer's minds and ahead of the competition.


In the past year I have learned a lot about different on-line tools from CCPA meeting that I attended. I am excited to give back to the community of business owners in Philadelphia. I hope you can join me for this event. It will be my first time on any panel. Wish me luck and please give me some feed back on any of my social media pages. One of my goals is to start a dialog on our facebook page. You can help me by commenting on my posts. I'm interested to hear what you think. I'd be happy to answer your electrical questions.

Find us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Blogger, join us on LinkedIn and check out our web site at:


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