Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tip: Loose electrical connection

The most common problem we find with DYIer and handymen is loose connections. This video will show you one such connection. All the wiring is done correctly but a person lacking experience could over look a connection like this and cause all sorts of problems. The problem here is everything will work. A home owner will never know there is a problem but when the connections are not tight there are some hidden problems that can occur.

1. You electricity will not have a smooth pathway around the circuit. This is equivalent to banging water pipes. The presure will go up and down. You will not be able to hear or see it but your electronics will.

2. Arching, sparking and heat build-up. Are all things that can occur around poor electrical connections. They are also one part of the fire triangle. All you will need to start a fire would be oxygen and fuel. If this loose connection was in a drafty location and next to wood you could see a fire starting.

Doing electrical work is not something that most people can pick up out of a book. I hope this video and blog help to keep people safe.

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