Thursday, December 30, 2010

Who Did It??????

Category:Electrical Wiring in the Home
Subject:Ceiling fan remotes
Question:We have 2 ceiling fans, 5 years old, which all of a sudden the remote controls do not work. We have replaced the batteries, no help.One of the fans has a control pad on the wall, it works fine.
Is there something that could have happened that knocked them both out? Also, we have a gas fireplace, it also has a remote and it is not responding. any ideas would be helpfull. One more strange thing happened about 2 weeks ago, the smoke alarms suddenly started going off and we could not figure out why? the house is only 5 years old. this is frustrating. thanks

Answer:Hi Janice,

That does sound frustrating. It is odd to lose two fans at the same time and have a smoke detector go off. My guess is that there was a power surge on that circuit. It damaged the electronics in your fans receiver. You may just need some one to replace the remote control units in the fans.

There could also be a simpler answer. Do you have any kids? If they were messing with your remotes they could have changed the setting on your remote's dip switches. Fan remotes have tiny switches under the batteries that need to be set to match the tiny switches inside the fan. Kids sometimes play with the settings and then do admit to it. (Husband do this too). That could explain how both switches went bad.

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