Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My garage that keeps tripping

Category:Electrical Wiring in the Home

Subject:GFCI outlet
I have a GFCI oulet in my garage that keeps tripping every year that I have my outdoor Christmas lights on that same circuit. But it does it more than ever this year. Is it possible that the GFCI outlet is worn out and needs replacing? What I'd really like to do is replace it with a regular one so this can't happen anymore. Is that acceptable?

Hi Andrew,

Yes GFCI can get worn out. The should be replaced every so often. I would recommend that they be replaced every ten years along with your smoke detectors. That could solve your problem but I'm thinking your problem is something else.

GFCI's trip for a reason. They trip when electricity is leaking out of your circuit. You should take a look at your outside lights. Is the wiring damaged? Is water getting into you plugs? The GFCI is there to alert you to a dangerous condition. You don't want to by pass this safety feature The GFCI is doing it's job by truing off the power to a circuit that is leaking electricity in to the environment. Now the real trick is to find the problem with your Christmas lights.


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