Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lights not working

Questioner: Scott
Category: Electrical Wiring in the Home
Private: No

Subject: Lights not working
Question: Hello, yesterday my son turned on his light and it worked briefly and now won't turn on at all. There are three lights on that circuit, the living room, my sons room and our laundry room with the laundry room on the end of the circuit. The living room and my sons room don't turn on and the laundry room works fine. Not sure where to begin.

Answer: Hi Scott.

Here are the basic home owner steps before you call an electrician.

1. Unplug everything.
2. Turn every light off.
3. test and reset every GFCI in the house
4. Turn off and on every breaker.
5. Turn them all off again.
6. Turn them on one at a time. Mark and test each circuit.

This will fix 90% of common problem. If not call an

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