Friday, October 1, 2010

Electrical Wiring in the Home

Category: Electrical Wiring in the Home
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Subject: faulty outlets
Question: I know very little about electrical wiring-and with that being said, I have NO intention of trying to fix this on my own. I know my limits (feel free to breathe sigh of relief). I just want to know what I'm dealing with here. My home was built in 1978, simple cookie-cutter 1200 sf house. The house passed inspection when we bought it in 2004, but found a few outlets had reversed polarity. My problem is this: 3 outlets in my kitchen have quit working-has been a gradual progression. So far, I believe it is the ones w/rev. polarity but could be wrong. No breakers have been tripped (although I don't know if it would cause that). Also, from 2 of the outlets in question-after indefinite period of time, the kitchen radio emits a high pitched sound (even if turned off), until unplugged. However, I have not completely ruled out the radio being faulty as well-could be coincidence, but has not done it at other outlets. My question: Could this be as simple as needing to replace the outlets)--or is this likely a more serious problem requiring an entire re-wire, or worse--fire?

Any feedback would be appreciated.
Thank you.


Hi Holly,

I'm very happy to hear that you know your limits. I try and help everyone out but some people think that they can be electricians without yours of study. I know they will attempt thing with or with out my advice so I try to steer them in safer directions. It sounds like you just want some understanding on how or when to work with an electrician.

Holly you need to call an electrician to have this looked at NOW. I don't think you have a big problem. You description is making me think that somewhere in your circuit you have a bad connection. Bad connections can omit RF signals that your radio will pick. They will also cause a slow break down of the circuit.

The real problem is a bad connection is a leading cause of fire. The electricity sparks and heats up as it passes through the connection and can ignite the building material around it.

Problems like this easy for electrician to repair but if left unattended too long become huge problems.


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  2. Electrical wiring should be done with a permit in place which is pulled by a master electrician.

  3. Yes, good example of a "small" problem that could turn into a big one or even electrical fire if not taken care of properly.