Monday, September 13, 2010

Sub panel

Subject: Sub Panel Feeder
Question: Ok Bill i have gone blind trying to find an answer to wiring up my sub, I understand that I need 4 wires to feed it 2 hots 1 neutral and a ground. Question is where do I pickup the ground connection from? I see on my main panel that neutral and grounds are on the same buss bar. both panels are back to back, main on outside sub inside and feed with a 2x5" nipple. The main is grounded with AU. Can I just attach a jumper ground wire from the main buss bar to the sub ground buss bar and if I do this will this now isolate grnd from N?
Second question when moving breakers from main to sub i need to splice in more cable to reach the sub panel, do I need to splice all 3 wires or just the hot wire and leave N and GND where they are?

Geez Cat 5 and 6 wiring and routers is a lot easier for me to handle (jk)

Thank you
Answer: Hi Rory,

Yes, Cat5 is a bit easier to deal with and much less life threatening.I think I can help you a bit with some answers to your question. This is not the type of work for a beginner. It should be inspected by a pro after it is completed.

Your question about the ground and neutral wiring confuse many DYI people. The ground and neutral wires coming into your home are the same wire. After leaving your electrical panel they are separated. The reason for the two wire in your home is to provide one path as a return (the neutral wire) with voltage and a second wire as a 0 voltage ground for equipment.

With your additional sub-panel you do not need to remove, splice or re-run your ground wires. It is OK to keep them where they are. I may re-run them if it made the job look better.

I want to say this again. This is not a job for a DYI person. I would advice you to hire a pro for this. It will save you money to do this type of work right the first time.

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