Thursday, July 29, 2010

recessed lighting

Category:Electrical Wiring in the Home
Subject:recessed lighting
Question:I have installed 16 recessed lights in my kitchen. We do not have insulation in our attic. When we turn on the lights sometimes 6 may come on, some times 10 may come on, or maybe only 3 will come on.
When I first installed the lights all of the lights were coming on but over the years (3 years) this problem has occurred. I thought the bulbs were just blown, but sometimes one of the lights that was not on, may come on when I turn the lights on again.
Again thank you so much

Answer: Hi Illya,

I'm sorry to hear that you are having this problem. The first most likely cause of this if they were professionally installed would be bad heat detectors from the manufacturer. This happens often if you buy off brands from home centers. They are just not built to last.
The second most likely problem would be bad connections done by the installer. This is a common problem we find do it yourselfers making. Following the directions out of a book is easy for many people. Running wires is not too difficult of a job to learn. The craft of terminating wire safely and in a way that will last can't be learned by reading a book.
I thing you could have a loose connection. This is something to be concerned with because loose connections build up heat as electricity tries to jump or spark across the gap. Loose connections are a huge fire risk. It is for that reason I suggest that you call in a pro to check out this problem.

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