Friday, July 30, 2010

Piggyback Plug with Switch


I'm looking for a product exactly like this:

However I need the plugs to be 3 prong instead of 2. I can't find anything like what I have in mind. Have you seen something along those lines or know where I should look? I'm trying to connect a switch to the power strip that's behind my stereo and tv. I've looked at Belkin's remote control power strips, but I'd really prefer a wired solution as I'm aiming more for reliability and low-cost. Thanks,

Hi Jack

That is a good idea. Turning off the power to your electronics is a good way to save power. Most people don't realize how much power is wasted by unused electronics. Here are some web links that might have something that will work for you.

Good Luck,

Bill Lutz
Generation 3 Electric, Inc.

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  1. courtesy of the Terrapass newsletter, I learned about a powerstrip that will automatically turn off power to electronics when they are not in use... crafty little gadget called the Smart Strip:

  2. If you want to change out the receptical in the wall you can use a wall switch to control the power to a receptical by just chaining out the receptical and adding a switch kind of nifty system check out there products at