Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pepco live power up top. The house's service entrance below. The meter bridges the gap and reads current flow.

No electrical service- No electrical meter

A client asked us to have the power turned on to this house. The electric company told him that he needed to call an electrician before they would restore power. This type of request is normally done by an electrical underwriter. Electrical underwriters inspect and home for the electric company and act as a third part to insure the house is safe enough for the electric company to supply power. 

This house was not safe and we were called in. We found the house with an open meter socket. The top of the socket was connected to the live PECO power grid. This exposed anyone who would be foolish enough to put their hands in the meter to electrocution, or at least a bad shock. 

The meter box was too corroded and the service cable is no longer insulated.  This home will need a new electrical service before electric PECO will be able to restore power this home. 

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