Monday, July 12, 2010

A new 100 amp panel in the back entrance hall.

This is a 100amp main electrical service panel. It is installed between two wall studs. The studs are laid out 16 inches on center and the circuit breaker box is designed to fit into that dimension. The new panel is also designed to be as deep as a 2x4. This way when the drywall is installed the 100 amp panel will be flush to the surface of the wall.
In this picture you can there are no breaker installed other than the main 100amp breaker. The main breaker powers the silver bus in the center of the panel. This bus has tab that the circuit breaker will attach to later.
There are two main 120 volts, out of phase feeds in this panel.(A&B) Every other tab is power by a different feed or leg. A double pole breaker will be able to power a total of 240 volts it attaches to both of these feeds.

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