Tuesday, July 13, 2010

60 Amp fuse box.

We recommend main electrical services be replaced every 30-40 years.

This is an old 60 amp fuse box uses for a home's main electrical service. This box looks to have been installed in the 1950/50s. It is one of the last styles of fuse box ever installed into homes. This box has a total of 6 fused circuits, one main 60amp cartage fuse. The 60 amp fuses are housed in the top left black pull out cartage. The extra black cartage on the right is spare fuse for an appliance. Appliances powered by the extra cartage could be water heater, range, conditioning, etc. 

There is a silver switch with an in-line screw in fuse. This is on older heater disconnect. An electrical service like this should be up-dated with a newer circuit breaker style fuse box. 

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