Thursday, May 6, 2010

Window Ac: Look Forward to Chilling Summers

By: Raisa Raima

Sweaty and sticky summers and the intense heat wave not only make us despise the season, but make us wonder why we are worst suffers of this weather. Sometimes we have no choice but to blame the working of God, at times we fret at the callousness of Nature. However, if we are equipped with a Window air conditioner then the harsh weather will not be able to get the better out of us. Window AC can be associated with comfort and luxury. These Ac's can be fitted in the bedroom or any other room. These portable air conditioners are adaptable in terms of weight as they can easily be fixed and removed whenever required. Once the season has bid adieu the owner can also keep it away without any hassle. Those who are in the process of purchasing an AC should take note of the unit and the space where it will be accommodated. The cooling capacity of any air conditioner is measured in British Thermal Units. The higher the BTU will be in proportion with higher cooling capacity. Another factor to be considered is the EER ratio present in an AC. The ratio is of the consumption power and cooling capacity. If an air conditioner has a higher ratio level then it is believed that it is favourable for the atmosphere as well as for the user. Coming to the look of these air conditioners, they come in sleek and attractive looks and do no hold any resemblance with a box. They come in light shades and their corners are rather rounded. Though these air conditioners have the same components installed as central air conditioners however if one wants to cool a limited area or just one to two rooms then window AC are the appropriate choice in comparison to Split ACs. Before purchasing this kind of an air conditioner the buyer should have the accurate measurement of the window where it will be installed. Moreover, the buyer should be clear about the size of the room and the cooling capacity which will be required. If the air conditioner is not properly sized as per the demands of the room than it is quite possible that either it will be inefficient in cooling the desired space or it will have a tendency to cycle frequently. Since there is a rise in demand for these air conditioners it is common to find cheap window ACs which will fulfil the user's basic needs. The user can also look for the best window AC available in the market.

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