Friday, May 21, 2010

GFCI's can't protect you from soggy toast!!!

I found this artist on the web doing a series on elaborate ways of committing suicide. I knew that some where in this body of work there would be the electricity and water combo. True electricity and water can Kill. Generation 3 Electric can install GFCI outlets anywhere you have electricity close to a source of water. (Kitchen/bathroom/basement /garage/outside). A GFCI outlet will prevent a toaster in the bath tub from kill you but it can't help soggy toast.

"The Suicide Series

A Houston native, Bill Thomas is a photographer known for photos of elaborate, morbidly humorous ways to commit suicide.

The Artist in his own words:

“The SUICIDE series attempts to deal with the taboo social-psychological content in an ironic way, looking at suicide from both serious and humorous perspectives. The photographs consist of self-constructed and directed tableaux in which I am seen committing suicide by a variety of outrageous means. I attempt to further the believability of the scenarios through use of the hyper-real information available from the 8″ x 10″ format, together with their presentation as large, 32″ x 42″ black and white "


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