Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rediscover Energy Pennsylvania Information Center

New For Customers in the PPL Service Territory: Questions about what Rate Cap Expiration means to you and your business? Click here to watch WITF-TV's "Caps Off" program that provides advice and information regarding the elimination of electricity rate caps on January 1, 2010 in the PPL service territory. (Note: You will need Apple QuickTime player to watch the video; you can download it here.)

In today’s marketplace, making an informed buying decision about your business’ electricity needs is made complex by the sheer number of cost components that constitute your total energy price. It doesn’t help matters that these 15-20 components are referred to by an “alphabet soup” of acronyms.

GDF SUEZ wants to help simplify things by consolidating these components into two broad cost categories that are driven by distinctly different determinants:

1.) Energy
The output of a generator + losses and congestion
Majority of total energy cost
Highly volatile, but also highly liquid
Determined by market forces

2.) Delivery
The cost of getting energy from generator to meter
Smaller portion of total energy cost
Low volatility, but not very liquid
Determined predominantly by regulatory bodies and ISO’s

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