Thursday, March 11, 2010

Free electricity from trees.

Voltree Power’s patented bioenergy harvester converts living plant metabolic energy to useable electricity, providing a unique battery replacement alternative.


Voltree Power is focused on developing integrated systems that provide highly automated, cost-effective, low-maintenance solutions to real-world sensing and telemetry problems. Our immediate focus is low-power wireless sensing networks and automation systems that are designed with cost-effectiveness and ease of use in mind, while still being versatile and customizable.

In support of our integrated systems focus, Voltree Power has developed products such as our Javelin family of sensor devices, which enables the use of mesh sensor networks in hard-to-reach places, and our patented bioenergy harvesting module, which converts the metabolic energy of plants to useable electricity. Voltree Power’s adaptive mesh networking architecture facilitates the transmission of sensor data from remote areas where connections to the internet or other data networks are not readily available.

Key features and benefits of this technology include:

  • Enables the use of mesh sensor technology where it would otherwise be difficult to install power devices or to reach sensor devices for maintenance.
  • Compliant with federal standards and international platforms.
  • Real-time information and integration with various wireless platforms provides flexibility and adaptability to numerous sensing applications.
  • Adds functionality and extends the usefulness of existing systems, simplifies user communication and system diagnostics, and represents a new generation of highly automated, resilient, maintenance-free mesh network.
  • Eliminates the cost of (hundreds) of thousands of batteries, labor costs associated with battery replacement/maintenance, and environmental and labor costs of responsible battery disposition/recycling.
  • Does not depend on wind, light, heat gradients, or mechanical movement.
  • Weather-resistant and completely quiet.
  • Absence of any heat or noise signatures, making it ideal for various security-sensitive sensing applications.
  • Environmentally benign to produce and operate.
  • Parasitically harvests metabolic energy from any large plant without harming it.
  • Useful lifetime of the device is only limited by the lifetime of the host.

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