Monday, February 8, 2010

Not my Grandad's electric

As the world get more advance so does the types of thing that are attached to your electrical system. This is a controller in a commercial application but similar things are occurring in your normal single family homes. Protecting your home's electrical system in becoming more critical with each advancement in electronic. This is a two fold idea.

First newer electronic safety devices like GFCI and AFCI circuit interrupters keep you and your property safe from electric shocks and fire.

Secondly all of the expensive electronic devices in you home need to be protected from power surges, noise on the lines and harmonics. Install the correct surge protection and ground can save you thousands of dollars in damaged electronics.

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Work around the Philadelphia area our technician can help home owner avoid lost of unnecessary suffering by simply helping you keep up with the changing codes. Some thing as simple as letting home owners know that smoke detectors are only designed to last ten year can save live.

The electrical system is the back bone of a modern home. Without it working properly there is not TV, Computers, Frozen food, heating, Air condition. My grandad could have never imagined how much we would come to depend on his the work he did 60 years age. That should be reason enough to have you electrical system reviewed for safety.

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