Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Renewable energy

Fuel cells have been a tantilizing technolgy for decades - powering space vehicles, but always a little out of reach for domestic or commercial use. I worked with Greenopolis Partner Plug Power for years - working to provide clean on site energy from hydrogen powered fuel cells. Now there’s the Bloom Box.
That’s not a typo for a new carry-on-your shoulder stereo system. The Bloom Box is a refrigerator-sized box that can power your whole house, store or business.

Bloom Energy is a venture capital funded firm that builds the “Bloom Box”- an appliance sized unit that houses fuel cells running on natural gas, landfill gas, bio-gas or solar power. Fuel cells combine hydrogen with oxygen and emit only heat, electricity and distilled water.

Google has been powering a datacenter with 4 Bloom Boxes running on natural gas for the past year and a half. eBay has 5 of them in San Jose, which they claim have saved them $100,000 in energy costs over the past 9 months.

The Bloom Box debuted on CBS’ 60 Minutes last night.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Education makes all the difference


This past weekend Generation 3 Electric sent 4 of it's employees to a 3 day conformance in Jersey City. In this picture you can e see Luke S. in a lecture/work shop on costumer service. Our goal it to continue to improve the service the we give to our costumers. One way that we achieve this goal is to invest in education for our staff.

Over Loaded Panel

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This is a picture of an aluminum electrical service panel that was over loaded with too many circuits. The picture was taken by one of our technicians, here in Philadelphia on a service call. If you look closely you will see that the bottom of the panel, "the Buss" has turned black and melted away. This type of problem can cause power surges throughout your home. This will damage anything electronic attached to this circuit such as a TV or Computer. It can also be the root cause of a house fire.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Surge Promotion!

For every 5 CHSPULTRA Surge Protectors purchased, you will receive a Surge Strip (Cat# SULT8T) Free! This offer is exclusive to contractors in the Eaton Certified Contractor Network (ECCN).

Hurry! This promotion expires April 30, 2010!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Generator Ready Main Panel

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AFCI Safety Website

AFCISafety.org is a one-stop information resource on the Internet for residential arc fault breaker safety information distributed by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) Low Voltage Distribution Equipment Section.

The goals of AFCISafety.org are to:

* Increase the level of awareness of AFCI and its uses in residential applications
* Inform about the differences between branch/feeder AFCIs, combination AFCIs, and GFCI devices
* Provide information related to AFCIs' preventative aspects of arcing faults and its links to fire safety
* Highlight proper installation and operation of AFCI devices

Monday, February 8, 2010

Not my Grandad's electric

As the world get more advance so does the types of thing that are attached to your electrical system. This is a controller in a commercial application but similar things are occurring in your normal single family homes. Protecting your home's electrical system in becoming more critical with each advancement in electronic. This is a two fold idea.

First newer electronic safety devices like GFCI and AFCI circuit interrupters keep you and your property safe from electric shocks and fire.

Secondly all of the expensive electronic devices in you home need to be protected from power surges, noise on the lines and harmonics. Install the correct surge protection and ground can save you thousands of dollars in damaged electronics.

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Work around the Philadelphia area our technician can help home owner avoid lost of unnecessary suffering by simply helping you keep up with the changing codes. Some thing as simple as letting home owners know that smoke detectors are only designed to last ten year can save live.

The electrical system is the back bone of a modern home. Without it working properly there is not TV, Computers, Frozen food, heating, Air condition. My grandad could have never imagined how much we would come to depend on his the work he did 60 years age. That should be reason enough to have you electrical system reviewed for safety.

Friday, February 5, 2010

One common cause of power failure and fires

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If you look closely at the this outlet you can see the the bottom right wire is not fully secured. This can cause the outlet not to have a proper. The electricity may not conduct across this connection causing power failures, power surges, heat build up and even fires.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Installed with zero holes by Mike L. and Luke S.

Have a Great TV and Stereo but hate the wires? We can Help.
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BRK Wireless Smoke Detectors System.

Interconnected Systems: Your smoke alarms are interconnected, meaning they communicate with each other, forming an integrated system of protection for your home. Alarms can be interconnected via wires (hardwired) or wirelessly via RF radio signals. With either, if one alarm detects smoke or CO, all interconnected alarms will sound. For example, if the smoke alarm in the basement triggers an alarm, the smoke alarm in your bedroom will also sound.
Interconnected House-Color
This integrated system can warn you of a potential fire throughout your home. Interconnected smoke alarms will also tell you which one sounded the initial alarm. The green LED signifies your alarm has power. The red LED will flash about once every minute signifying you have battery backup power. If the alarm sounds, the red LED on the unit that initiated the alarm will flash rapidly. The red LED on all other interconnected alarms will remain off. After the alarm, the unit will Latch, or remember which unit initiated the alarm. The green LED will be on for 2 seconds and off for 2 seconds. You can reset the Latching feature by pressing the test/silence button.

Wireless InterconnectedWireless Beacon
First Alert® OneLink® is a line of wirelessly interconnectable alarms designed to meet the needs of contractors that retrofit or remodel existing properties. First Alert® OneLink® offers the same interconnected functionality as hardwired alarms, without the wires. Because there are no wires to pull through existing walls, First Alert® OneLink® offers a very cost effective way to bring existing properties up to code. Using First Alert® OneLink® provides faster job turnaround vs. hardwire retrofitting applications. Up to 4X more jobs completed means increased profits and customer satisfaction.

First Alert® OneLink® alarms operate on a “mesh network”. All of the First Alert® OneLink® alarms send, receive and resend the initiating alarm’s signal. Other wireless products only sends and receives or is a one-way communication. It does not resend. Why is this important? In the following illustration, the initiating alarm is in the basement. Let’s say the signal is blocked from reaching the Master Bedroom alarm either by distance or some obstruction in the home. With First Alert® OneLink®, the mesh network of alarms re-routes and resends the signal via the other alarms, providing a greater chance all alarms will receive the signal. With the competition, only the initiating alarm is sending a signal. Therefore, the Master Bedroom never receives a signal and is deadly silent. The “mesh network” is a more reliable means of wireless communication. Again, seconds count in an emergency.
Mesh Network Illustration
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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Two Minute Makeover

Here is a nice way to add recessed lighting into a classical styled home. http://www.beaux-artes.com Here in Philadelphia we have some very nice historical Federalist building that have poor lighting. Adding modern looking recessed light doest alway look right. With a carefully chosen medallion better lighting can be discreetly added to classically styled downtown Philly row home.