Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Electrical Questions Answered


I am installing under cabinet linear lighting under my kitchen cabinets (power supply is 150W and I am using 12, 10W bulbs. The issue is the low voltage wire is not supposed to go in the walls. My cabinets split at a window and I would like to avoid seeing the wire going around the window on the outside. I bought connectors which change high voltage to the low voltage wire. The store where I bought the product refused to go into specifics about how to install (probably shouldn't have bought it there, but it sounded easy enough). I planned on putting the transformer in the basement and running three high voltage wires to the three areas under the cabinets and using the high to low voltage connectors under the cabinet. I opened the transformer and found two terminals, one for the power in and one for the low voltage wire out. Do I use regularromex to connect to the low voltage side (power out) so I can run it through the floor and through the walls then convert to low voltage wire at the cabinet? Also, the low voltage wire says 10AWG does this mean that I need to use 10 gauge wire and a 30AMP fuse? That seems like overkill. Any help is appreciated.

Thank you Jim


In this situation I would run 12-2 from each cabinet section down to the transformer. If you like you could install a 12v in line fuse with this set up but it is not necessary. When the 12-2 come out of the wall you need a under the cabinet terminal splice kit. This is simply an aluminum block of metal that has two set screws connection points. The terminals we use are finished in white plastic. The 12-2 goes in the terminal at the wall the low voltage wire comes out the other side. It all gets finished with a white cover. You should be able to find something like this at a home center or an electrical supply house.


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