Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Electrical question answered


I have a 110V recessed ceilng light that is getting current to the lamp socket (according to a continuity tester, but the bulb will not illuminate when screwed in (and I've tried several, all of which work in other lamp sockets}. I've also screwed in an adapter (with a pull chain and plug sockets) that also gets power (so power must be flowing throuhgh the orignal lamp socket), but fails to light a bulb.


Thanks - Peter

Hi Peter,

It sounds to me like you are not reading the current with your tester but the voltage. You light is most likely missing its neutral connection. What you are reading is the Hot 120 volt wire. To make a light bulb work you need both the hot wire and the neutral wire. The Hot connection is the small tab at the bottom of the socket. The neutral is the screw or threaded part of the socket. This sounds like a problem that should be addressed by an electrician

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