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Lighting Ideas Just For Your Bathroom

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Lighting Ideas Just For Your Bathroom

Author: Kimberly Quang
Believe it or not, your bathroom lighting ideas can earn you a reputation for exquisite designing skills with your family and friends. Creating serenity, comfort, and aesthetics is easy once you learn the basic ideas of bathroom lighting and how to combine individual lighting pieces into impressive decorative schemes. By coordinating atmosphere, functionality, and highlighting, your bathroom lighting ideas will become the decorative talk of the town when your guests notice how much the one room that everyone visits stands out in your home.

Before making your next purchase, take time to consider the overall atmosphere you wish to create. Decide how your bathroom should feel; then visualize ideas for bathroom lighting that will create the desired tone. Do you want to emphasize coziness or spaciousness? Do you want to stress comfort, relaxation, or utility? Residential Landscape and Lighting has products for all sensibilities. For serenity, consider the ambience of a low voltage mini pendant lamp in the center of the ceiling. If you want to create a sense of greater space, try one of our newer models with multiple, cascading bulbs. Or, try one of the newest trends in bathroom lighting ideas by hanging a chandelier. We have a great variety of models and shade designs to create the perfect centerpiece.

Another key to developing superior ideas for bathroom lighting is functionality. A dark shower area or poorly lit vanity can bring a sense of heaviness or depression to the room. Change it to a feeling of joy by adding a vanity light above the mirror. Residential Landscape and Lighting has models to represent every bathroom lighting idea imaginable. Our selection ranges from our simple and efficient three light vanities to the classic European look of our Aracruz models. In addition to vanity lighting, there is an impressive array of recessed lights for illuminating all types of showers and bathtubs. These lights provide strong, clear illumination without the obtrusiveness of overhead fixtures. Lighting ideas for bathroom showers find excellent expression in this less-is-more approach.

Finally, top off your bright ideas for bathroom lighting with some original highlighting choices that are out of this world. There are two ways you can accomplish this. One approach is to install lights that feature such exquisite design work that they function as decorations in and of themselves. Another approach is to richly decorate your bathroom with prints, photography, or fine wallpaper and use art lighting to highlight your decorum. We can accommodate either one of these ideas for lighting the bathroom with a number of selections that will enhance your favorite print, bring out the colors of your wallpaper, or showcase a unique aesthetic piece as a stand-alone.

Of course, no design for bathroom lighting can neglect the shower. Both as a safety feature and an aesthetic key element to your bathroom lighting design, the shower light needs to clearly illuminate your bathtub and all bath accessories. Stay consistent with what you have already established in your bathroom lighting design by placing a low voltage recessed light or frosted glass domed light with reflector above the shower.

The good news is: coming up with new ideas for bathroom lighting design is not as hard as you think. Nor is it difficult to find the products once you have visualized the outcome.
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