Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Solar power is here in Philadelphia

I'm very excited to find this new solar power system. This is a picture of Mike Briggs from Pollart electrical sales. He is here at our Wednesday staff training class showing our technicians all the features of Ready Solar.
This is the first system that I have seen that should work well in Philadelphia row homes. It is designed to sit on a roof without damaging or puncturing a flat roof. Most other system are only made for slanted roofs like you would see in the burbs.

This system is also expandable. We can install a 1KW system for under $10,000. Next year or the year after that when/if there are grants/credit available another 1kw panel can be added and that should make make the money available to the end user.

This can be done because all the electronics are built into the panel. You can see them on the back side of the unit if you look closely. The panels are rated for 25 year life span. 1Kw should equal roughly to a 1/4 of a standard Philly row's power consumption. With an electric bill, Pollart Electrical Sales can run the real numbers.

We are currently looking for willing clients to help us test the system on their home. That means any of the first clients we find will to try this system will receive a huge cost break on the installation.
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  1. As PC as that is, at $10,000 for the install it would take 20 years to recoup saving 1/4 of my electric bill. I'm a little to old to be making that kind of investment. LOL

  2. Hi Grace- It all depends on how much electricity you use. If your bill is small then you could be producing 1/2 of your electric bill from solar power in a standard Philly row home. We send can send a copy of an electric bill to the distributor and they can do the return calculations for you.

    You have to also remember that your electric bill will be going up year after year. How much was your electric bill ten years ago? What will it be ten years from now?I will bet it will more then double.