Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Recycling Has cut our trash by 2/3

This is Terry "The Metal Man". I met him 5 years ago cleaning out a construction site. He is one of the nice demo and recyclers I have ever met. He stops by our shop once every week or two and picks up all the metal that we take off our jobs. Before we started to work with Terry all of the metal use to find it'e way to the land fill. What a waste. Recycling does take some extra time but it really is worth the effort. About one third of the trash we use to produce was recyclable metal bits and pieces.
If you look in the back of you shop you will also see a blue dumpster with an AW painted on it. That is our Allied Waste dumpster that we use for all the cardboard and paper waste that comes from packaging and the office. That dumpster recycled about another one third of the waste that use to go into the land fill.
I never though that we could lower the amount of waste we produce that such a large amount. Now that I'm doing it I'm really proud of the results.
Terry "The Metal Man" gives his phone number in the video. I would recommend for any demo or metal pick up type of work. He is strong as an ox. He once picked up a piece of macherinary with one hand thad that Chad and I could barley budge. I would trust him with keys to my home.

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