Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Improve Your Kitchen With Better Lighting

When we think about home improvement projects, we often think of changing or adding to a room. One of the most important improvements you can make in the kitchen is to make sure you have the proper lighting. You need to make sure that the room is not only illuminated, but that you have enough light to work, no matter which area of the kitchen you are in. Here are some tips on how to plan for perfect kitchen lighting.
Overhead Lighting
Many kitchens, and especially older ones, only have one type of lighting, or even worse, perhaps only one light! You may be thinking that a big light
centered in the middle of the ceiling will serve your need effectively, but it is rarely enough. If you decide to go with one overhead light, make sure that you
plan to incorporate enough reflection to let the light bounce into every part of the room so that it is lit properly.
One thing to consider if you only have room or resources for lighting on the ceiling is track lighting. This type of lighting will allow you to direct the light
to specific areas of the kitchen. You can install a light or point a light to each work area as well as your stove and kitchen table. Or, try using track kitchen lighting for the work area and then install additional lighting over the table or island areas.
Counters And Work Areas
Typically, one big light in the middle of the room will be inadequate for proper task lighting. It is problematic since when you are standing at the
counter with your back to the light you will be casting a shadow right on the area you want to illuminate. Task lighting is important for proper food prep
and will make your kitchen chores much easier.
For great task lighting consider kitchen lights that are installed on the bottoms of the cabinets that overhang your kitchen countertops. You'll be able
to easily see while you are chopping vegetables and preparing meals. This lighting is soft enough to provide the right amount of light and can be easily turned off as needed or leave just one light on at night as a "night light" of sorts.
Island And Table Lighting
You'll also want to consider how you light the island and table areas. Here is where you will want to ensure that lighting is adequate, and looks great with the style of your kitchen.
For eat in islands, the most popular type of lighting is the kind that hang down from the ceiling. The length of your island dictates how many lights you will need. The table lighting should be chic and is most practical if you can get lighting on a dimmer. Typically, you would want some sort of chandelier for right above the table, but be sure to match the style to your kitchen decor.
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