Friday, August 28, 2009

See Your Home In A Different Light

Advances in lighting controls add ambiance, convenience and safety

What if you could change the personality and ambiance of a room in an instant? And establish yet another mood just as quickly? It’s easy as the flick of a finger with today’s controlled lighting advancements. In fact, lighting controls are the most cost effective way to change the aesthetics of a room. One control can illuminate several room personalities.

Just like painting or furnishings, room lighting brings out the decorator in you. By using dimmers in different combinations throughout the room, you can switch from dramatic to relaxing to functional to night lighting – whatever the moment calls for. And today’s remote control systems let you preset each lighting setting so you can recall it at the push of a button. Program the lighting at bright levels for cleaning, then a dim preset for entertaining. Click again for the perfect in-home theater setting. Preprogram an entire lighting plan that includes the bar, framed paintings, track wall lighting, the dining room table, even your plants.

Don’t limit your creativity to the living and dining rooms. You can switch your kitchen from a brightly lit meal preparation center to a comfortable gathering place for guests. (Isn’t that where everyone seems to congregate anyway?) Dim the cabinet lights for decorative china silhouette effects. Then turn up the brightness when you need to shed light on the selection. Use the same cabinet lighting principle in the living room and library too.

Controlled lighting is also a luxury when the family’s asleep. Lights can dim automatically throughout the house, while illuminating nighttime pathways in halls and stairs. It makes late night bathroom and kitchen snack trips so much easier and safer, plus you won’t wake anyone up with sudden bright lights. Multiple dimmer controls let you set the lighting from either end of the hall, or from other rooms. Need to check on the sleeping kids? Turn the dimmer up slightly before you enter so you won’t wake them up. You can even have different preset lighting for both sides of the bed – one for reading, one for TV.

Other household controls can handle even more tasks for you. For example, come winter, they can automatically reverse the ceiling fan’s direction and slow it down. You won’t forget to turn on the security night lights because they’ll go on automatically, and shut off at daylight. Speaking of security, if you come home late, the remote in your car can light the whole house upon your arrival – and alert the security system.

The control panel itself can add a decorative touch. Don’t limit yourself the common denominator styles at the big box hardware store. A wide range of colors, textures and finishes are available from the professional electrician. And you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how few changes to your current home’s wiring are necessary. In fact, we can enhance your home’s appearance in the process of upgrading your lighting system.

There’s one more controlled lighting advantage we can all appreciate – savings. By cutting down on all the bright lights, you’ll be also be cutting down on expenses, energy and your carbon footprint. Now that’s bright thinking!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bike your dog to work week.

Generation 3 Electric's mascot Oggi is out promoting bike your dog to work week.

Since our previous attempt at Bike Your Gorilla to Work Week was unsuccessful and has been suspended indefinitely (get well vibes going out to our coworker who found this out the hard way!), Oggi, our Generation 3 mascot, refused to be left behind on Bike Your Dog to Work Week!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Some questions to ask before you start lighting your kitchen

How to Prepare a Good Recipe for your Kitchen Lighting Needs

Author: Foryourhome

The scale of activity that takes place in the kitchen makes it an important place where use of effective practical and also decorative lighting is a must. Some things to look at;

Some questions to ask before you start lighting your kitchen

First and foremost question you need to ask while design your kitchen lighting is how much you are ready to spend. After all the light fixtures do cost something – and this are not only the wires and switches but also the type of light fixtures, shades and bulbs. Next question that should come in your mind is whether you have a kitchen lighting plan. A good plan will surely blend lighting into the architectural and decorative details of the room. A plan will help you out it investing wisely into kitchen lighting needs. If you want to go for a gradual lighting design process seeing you don't have enough budget say for example for a series of pendants over the center island or a glass chandelier at least install enough junction boxes The fixtures can then be purchased at a later date and easily added to the kitchen lighting needs. After determining the budget and a plan, you need to think about the space area of your kitchen. This is important in determining the amount of lighting required and in which areas of the kitchen need specific lighting. One also needs to consider whether the room apart from needing single central light, how many other multiple lighting options may be needed. This is determined by the area or space of the room, all the activities that are place in the kitchen and are important, as well as the placement of all interior objects such as the cooking range, counter top and the kitchen-cum-dining table if present. For example, small kitchens may require only a central ceiling pendant light and some recessed task lighting tucked under a cabinet. More elaborate kitchens will demand a blend of general, task and accent lighting.

Know the types of Kitchen lighting

Lighting a kitchen is a different ball game compare to lighting other rooms in your house since no single light source can provide all the necessary kitchen lighting needs. It is very important to know that good kitchen lighting is not only considered from an aesthetic standpoint, but also from a functional standpoint. This will allow us to make sure that we incorporate different types of lighting and nowadays techno paced LED lights to fulfill the various levels of Kitchen activities. This is commonly referred to as layering of lights which instead of single lighting, demands a blend of three to four varied types of lighting. To meet these demand of layered lighting, there are basically four types of lighting that meet up the mark;

Task Lighting or Chore Lighting: It illuminates the most functional and practical part of your kitchen by providing adequate lighting for kitchen core tasks like chopping vegetables, cooking food and yes, reading recipes. Most of the accidents which occur in kitchen are mostly due to this tasks and proper task lighting design can really prevent them. Task areas should have sufficient light so you can easily see what you're working on without too much brightness or eye-straining dimness. The main thing to remember here is most of the time task lighting instead of brightening up a task area, shadows it. For this to not take place, task lights is best placed between the actual work place and your head which makes lighting located say below the upper cabinets very helpful. For example, task lighting is placed over the sink, gas cooker and food preparation area, where close work is done regularly. Most of task lighting is achieved by using conventional recessed lights that assure even illumination, surface lights or table tops lights. Remember that each task lights if possible should have its own switch and honestly you will be pleased with the result. Considering the types of bulbs for task lighting then halogen and CFL (in energy efficient bulbs category) being bright and shadow less with large surface area are best to go for. It electrifies the look of granite and marble countertops and it even let you enjoy your food cooking task, seriously.

Ambient or Glow or Indirect Lighting: This type of lighting lends a pleasant glow to your kitchen, thus giving a warm welcome to the people entering into the kitchen. It plays a major role in softening unwanted shadows, reducing kitchen room contrast and lighting vertical surfaces to give the space a brighter feel. It is generally observed that out of the four types of lighting, ambient is most often overlooked. In fact, the most dramatic and soft look you can achieve in a kitchen is by blending indirect lighting with other types of lighting. It is often created by hiding the light source from view where it bounces off a ceiling or a wall and produces a warm glow that adds enormous amounts of ambiance if done correctly. Best places for ambient lights can be hidden on top of wall cabinets if the ceiling is bit high or they can be installed in layered ceiling areas that surround the entire kitchen space. In case your kitchen has light colored surfaces and lots of windows then you can desire to have plenty of natural ambient light during the day. CFL based lights tubes (light link) are well suited to the job of providing ambient light.

Accent or Prominent lighting: This type of lighting gives a depth and dimension to your kitchen. It helps you to display your most decorative items in your kitchen like a fancy glassware or tableware, stylish luxury cutlery sets, beautiful canvas art prints or may be your nicely prepared food. For example lighting fixtures can be placed inside glass-front cabinets to illuminate glassware, and other collections as well as recessed, adjustable low-voltage fixtures used to spotlight canvas art prints. You can put to use spotlights to illuminate your cooked food which will also help it remain hot for longer period of time.

Decorative or ornamental lighting: This type of lighting is basically used for adding sparkling effects to the kitchen that can be envious to your neighbours. It can be further helpful to look at this type of lighting especially if kitchen is also used as the dining area of the house. Nowadays due to wide range of lights available, you can opt for decorative lights which can be functional also. For example, many functional lighting fixtures come in a number of finishes like wrought iron, rust, nickel which will provides an aesthetic feel to your kitchen. Painted finishes are also popular along with catchy colored glass bypasses plain white. You can also consider a decorative fixture with three or more lights. Like a trio over an island provides good light since it breaks up the kitchen into decorative module areas but you can still see through it. Some other decorative lighting ideas could be like dinner table space is illuminated with a decorative candelabra-style fixture, which provides ambient light during meals.

Finally some tips and common mistakes to avoid

No matter how many lights you install in your kitchen, it is recommended to circuit them separately so the lighting is zoned. This allows you to create ambiance by mixing the various lights which is turned on.

If possible even while you shop online, take a picture of your kitchen or at least know your kitchen dimensions. How tall is the ceiling? How much space is there between the cabinets and the ceiling? How much space is there between the cabinets and the countertop? To make sure you cook up the best lighting scheme for your kitchen, use some free advice from light shop professional. The best thing is to do some window shopping before the actual purchase.

You might have found the perfect light fixture, but we can’t forget the equally important light bulbs. To make the most of your lighting, try using bulbs with different beam spreads for different effects. Flood lights are great for creating widespread lighting like a on central ceiling, while spotlights are ideal for shedding light on specific areas like for accent lighting.

No matter how many types of lighting or fixtures you install, use lights of the same color for all the kitchen lighting

If you are spending the money on nice cabinets or a dinner table in the kitchen, for example, you want to make sure they are lit properly. If not, the light actually creates gray shadow areas. If you have deep cabinets in dark corners, you might even want to consider installing lights inside them so you can see what's hiding in the back

When it comes to kitchen lighting, the most common mistake is trying to light the entire room with one ceiling-mounted light fixture. The result ends up visually overpowering everything in the kitchen space. Recessed lighting, if installed in a generic grid, isn't much better. A lot of people do it incorrectly, and they'll end up with too much light in some areas and shadows everywhere else

On the other end, another common mistake we all do is over-lighting and result is, the kitchen gets too hot. The goal here is to have moderate, even lighting and more importantly blends of different lightings. For example, you just can’t keep on adding recessed lights for the sake of visual look, instead of mixing various lighting types.

We at For your home in trying to make your better homes gardens really hope the above provided information will help you to make a sound decision on your kitchen lighting design and let you enjoy your food more. So when are you inviting us over a meal!!

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How about a stable job AND a Bonus?

We want to talk to you.

Our growing electrical service & installation company pays incentives over competitive pay to qualified electric service technicians. Our growth plans require a person who likes to help people and can sell services. If you are licensed and experienced, possess a positive, enthusiastic and fun approach to customer service; we want to talk to you. We offer: excellent wage, health, dental, retirement, incentive pay and full paid vacations. We also offer continuing education, excellent working conditions, clean uniforms and trucks. Consider a career move to Generation 3 Electric, Inc by sending a resume to:
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How to find a good electrician

How Do I Find a Good Electrician?

Author: Andy Electrician

Finding a good electrician is done by word of mouth, looking in the yellow pages, or looking online. Many times when you are looking for a licensed and insured electrician one will ask friends and family for a referral. This is a great way to find a reputable electrician or electrical contractor. If you have a referral you can easily check to see if the electrician has a license, insurance and any complaints by checking with your community board of licensing. If they have no complaints, the next thing to check is what services they provide.

This can be done by looking on the Internet to see if the electrician has a website that lists their qualifications and services offered. Many electricians also advertise in the yellow pages and list their services. You want an electrician that can do all the work you need done without contracting out to another company. If you find an electrician online in your area, you can request information about a certain service if they have a contact page. This is common practice with the Internet today. If you need any type of electrical work done, you want an experienced and insured electrician that has a good record for completing work up to standards.

A good electrician will not diagnose your problem over the phone. The professional electrician will come to your home to troubleshoot the problem while explaining to you what they are doing. You want an electrical services company that will give you an estimate for the work before starting. It may be best to get a few estimates if you want to find a good electrician. Going with the cheapest estimate is not always going to mean quality work. This is very important to remember when looking for a qualified electrician or electrical contractor to complete all the work you need to have done.

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Rick rolling in the office

This is an inter office joke that our CSR Tracy loves to play on me. She calls it Rick Rolling. I guess that is what all the kids are doing these days. She embeds this video under some link and sends it to me. I open the link and out pops this video. It is all in good fun. Please is anyone is reading this blog feel free to RickRoll her something at

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Kids And Electrical Safety

Author: Scarlett Capelli

When teaching kids about bicycle safety and fire safety, as well as safety on the Internet, many parents forget to teach their children about electrical safety. There are a few simple rules that you need to teach your child about electricity and electrical appliances.

The most important rule for children is not to stick anything into electrical outlets. For small children under four years of age, you may want to purchase electrical outlet covers. These accessories are small plastic covers that plug right into the outlet so that any spare plug-ins are covered. For older children over five years of age, you need to explain to them that electricity is dangerous and that by sticking objects into outlets can cause them to get electrocuted or possibly start a fire.

As well as electrical outlets, you should also teach your children not to stick objects into appliances. These can also cause an electrical shock. Children should also not tear apart or try to fix electrical appliances. These devices are much more complicated than they look, and any short circuit in them can again cause electrical fires or electrocution. You should also teach them to tell an adult if they notice any appliances sparking or having a funny smell. Many fires are started by appliances that are continuously plugged in, such as toasters and coffee makers and your child may notice a problem before you do.

The bathroom can be one of the most dangerous rooms in your house. You should teach your child to be careful with electrical devices around water, such as radios around the bathroom sink or bathtub. They should also be careful around the kitchen sink and anywhere else where there may be standing water inside you home.

If the power should go out in the house, advise your children never to touch the fuse box. If someone does not know what they are doing, touching a 220-volt connector can cause enough electricity to seriously injure and even kill a small child.

Children should also be aware of the dangers of electricity that are outside as well. You should teach them that mud puddles are the same as the bathtub, and that they should not get anything electrical around them. They should also not climb electrical towers, telephone poles, or any other structure that has power lines attached to it. Children should avoid any contact with electrical lines, such as when they are flying a kite or a radio-controlled airplane.

Along with human-made electricity, children should be made aware of the dangers of electrical storms. These are those storms that have lightning and thunder, although the lightning may not always be visible. If the children are at the park, they should seek cover at the closest shelter or building. At home, they should get inside immediately and remain there until the storm passes. Many children are fascinated by lightning storms and may forget how dangerous these forces of nature can be. Adults are just as guilty of this fascination as children. Many adults have been struck by lightning on golf courses and other areas where they should not have been during a storm, while others enjoy sitting in the backyard in metal lawn chairs to watch the sky. Again, adults and children alike should remember that lightning can be deadly. Seek shelter and remain inside until the storm has passed.

Electricity is responsible for many of the conveniences that we enjoy in our every day life. It is also important to teach your children to respect it as the powerful force that it is.

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